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Rudy`s blog over Italiaanse Design Keukens e.d.
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donderdag 13 december 2012

Italiaanse design keukens voor Australië

In Australië timmert Snaidero goed aan de weg. Voor een project in Melbourne mag Snaidero heel veel Italiaanse design keukens leveren. Heel fijn voor Snaidero, toch de grootste exporteur van keukens uit Italië. Voor wie meer wilt weten heb ik hieronder het volledige artikel ingesloten (in het Engels).
The Snaidero brand has been chosen as exclusive supplier for an important residential project in Melbourne, Australia. Situated in the commercial heart of the city, the Emporia project is only the first stage of a more extensive residential project for Snaidero and will feature authentic Italian-designed Snaidero kitchens in its magnificently finished apartments. With its more than 20 years' experience in the large procurement contract sector, the Snaidero brand has won a prestigious contract in Australia involving the installation of 140 kitchens in the Emporia residential complex, situated on Commercial Road Praharan, in the living heart of Melbourne. The project is just the first part of a much wider development contract with over 500 kitchens and was carried out in collaboration with its local distributor. It is a multi-residential project with the aim of attracting young professionals enticed by Italian design and all the commercial services offered by the surrounding area. Designed by Idle Architecture Centre and with Carr Design interiors, the 140 magnificently finished apartments make intelligent use of luxurious living spaces, so well-lit that they appear bigger than they actually are. All apartments will be furnished with a Snaidero kitchen from the Orange collection featuring glass doors, a young, fresh and extremely clean design project. Classic design behind which is an extraordinary array of environmentally-friendly practical and beautiful details. The Orange kitchen uses extremely low formaldehyde emission panels with drastically reduced emissions of less than half that of the E1 European standard.
Snaidero's contract department has been active since the 1990s and has entered into important projects virtually in every part of the world, from North America to Europe, not forgetting the Near, Middle and Far East. Its latest projects were in Turkey, where the two luxurious Trump Towers in Istanbul were furnished, in Vancouver, Canada with the River Green project and in Riyadh in Saudi Arabia with a project coordinated by the management of the Saudi national company Saudi Aramco. Snaidero has been able to achieve such great success thanks to its strong points which undoubtedly include providing elegantly-designed and exclusively Italian-made products featuring extremely top quality parts and materials (ISO 9001, ISO 14001, SA8000 certificated), together with its expertise in producing large quantities of personalised kitchens according to customer specifications: Snaidero's designers are able to offer various finishes for the same project without any additional costs. Doors and finishes can be developed ad hoc at the request of the customer: uniquely flexible products due to its ability to design all types of non-standard components and seek made-to-measure solutions for all product requirements. The choice of the Italian brand to furnish the luxurious apartments in the Australian project is an important confirmation of the credibility of the Snaidero brand in this strategic emerging market, where the Friulian company will focus on consolidating its commercial presence in both the contract and retail sector.

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