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woensdag 13 januari 2016

Unit with folding doors in the Snaidero kitchen

Deze keer even een berichtje voor de Engelse klanten.

This morning I had a phone call with Amanda, a client living in Surrey (UK). She wanted to know more about the "pantry unit" because my video is Dutch spoken.

The thing is as follows. In my essential kitchens the islands are often visible from the living. When I visit my clients a few month`s after installation of the kitchen I see they have a lot of things on "my island". Just because they are using it rather often. I mean a blender, toaster, juicer, mixer, food processor etcetera.

I think it is very convenient to hide those things behind the unit with folding doors. I advise my clients to plan sockets in the back wall of this unit. This way you can leave the appliances connected the whole time.

Because these units are not standard we built them on site. The advantage is that the client can adjust the unit to his or her needs. I have these suggestions:

Dishwasher on height behind the doors.

The dishwasher on height is very ergonomic. But when it is hidden behind the doors it is also extra silent.

High pressure steamer behind the doors.

The Míele high pressure steamer is made of stainless steel while the new Neff and Míele appliances are made of black glass. Not everyone does like this. With the hidden steamer you don`t have this problem. I have done this on the kitchen below (dishwasher and steamer hidden behind doors).

Winecooler in the pantry unit.

This is what I want to do in the new S100 kitchen on display next week. I really think this is so nice! I like it to drink my favourite red wine with my clients on the sitting part of the counter of the S100 kitchen. With the built-in wine cooler I have my wine always ready on the right temperature (about 18 degrees).

Small sink in the pantry unit.

On the side where the doors of the pantry unit stay when the unit is open I can`t use the worktop properly for my appliances (like a blender). So why not use that space for a very small sink with a tap. A lot of clients love the idea of a double sink. With this solution I can plan a big V50 sink on the island and a small sink in the pantry unit as extra sink.

Washing machine and dryer behind doors.

Sometimes I have clients with a washingmachine and/or dryer in their kitchen. When those machines are hidden behind a door it looks better.

Anyway. A lot of options. Below some pictures of the pantry unit installed for clients. The first one is from a client in South Africa. In their main kitchen and scullery we`ve installed a pantry unit. This picture is from the pantry in the scullery just after installation.

For a client with a Snaidero kitchen here in Holland we have planned in advance to have just an extra worktop behind the doors for the appliances and a very small sink behind the doors.

But when we dismantled their old Bulthaup kitchen we saw they had a rather new Siemens combination microwave oven and a quooker. So we did integrate them in the unit with folding doors.

Another client in Holland just wanted a worktop in the unit with folding doors. Just a space to hide the blender, toaster etc. For this client we`ve made two sinks on the island already, so they did not want an extra sink in the unit with folding doors.

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