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maandag 29 februari 2016

About the the brand Snaidero; part 6 (future)

This time again a blogpost (number 6) about the brand Snaidero. This post is about the future of kitchens according to Snaidero.


“Smart”, i.e.: elegant and attractive, as well as creatively intelligent and interactive. The word smart has become an internationally-recognised modern and contemporary term. Today it represents above all a coherent collection of new values, with a profound meaning, able to radically redefine parameters of judgement with respect to terms such as "luxury" and "modern".

This is particularly true in the context of architecture and interior design. In these fields today there is a growing focus on eliminating waste, in a very broad sense, and with a lasting impact on culture and values. Today there is a growing desire for harmonisation and intelligent optimisation - becoming smart - which in turn informs the different categories that are closely linked to the world of design and manufacturing: space and time, ecology and economy.

And so in this way, profoundly revising the conventional concepts of furnishing, we are moving ever closer to new ways of interpreting the spaces in the home. Now occupied by completely flexible, adaptable and re-adaptable furniture. This means furniture that is easy to assemble, disassemble and reassemble, based on requirements or taste. All this must take place in the effort to reconnect the creative and aesthetic component of design with high technological and functional content on the basis of new conditions. In this way it becomes possible to conceive of and make truly contemporary products. Products that are coherently satisfying both in terms of form and aesthetics, functionality and design technology.

This is exactly what happens in kitchen spaces designed by Snaidero, thanks to intelligent solutions, excellent flexibility and quality of design, and during the course of daily use. And, no less important, Snaidero is competitive in terms of quality and accessible in terms of cost. If every project tackled with such an approach presents complexities at the outset, the aim is then to find an end solution that on the contrary is as simple as possible and able to be transformed and re-adapted to a new environment.

All Snaidero kitchen designs have a "smart" identity, in other words they are equipped with relational intelligence as well as a comfortable design. These are the principles behind the new kitchens on offer to the public now and in the future: “Orange”, “Way”, “Code”, “Board”, “Lux”, “Ola 20”. All of which are smart designs because they are intrinsically able to respond to the most contemporary expectations of quality, life, aesthetics and technology, right from the design stage. They are also all provided as standard with a potential for customisation and accessibility that has never been seen before.

The concept of the "smart kitchen" for Snaidero is linked to two aspects. The first is maximum freedom given to each compositional element to encourage and enhance the creativity, the taste and functional requirements of the user, both at the design stage and then during daily use. The second aspect, however, concerns the complex subject of the flexible and functional use of the kitchen space, above all with respect to small spaces. We are convinced that in a smart kitchen all the various requirements relate to one another and can find their perfect balance, which is always dynamic. In the end it is always about renovating and expanding, using new knowledge and new possibilities, the still extremely valid concept of "design for all". Or in other words "for life".

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