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vrijdag 1 februari 2013

Award voor Snaidero Way keuken

Onlangs heeft het keuken model Way van Snaidero een Good Design Award gekregen van het Chicago Athenaeum Museum of Architecture, Design and Metropolitan Art. Niet de eerste keer dat Snaidero deze prijs krijgt voor een keuken ontwerp. Ook andere modellen zoals de Snaidero Ola 20, Snaidero Kube en de Snaidero Time ontvingen deze Award.
Hieronder het persberichtje over deze prijs (in het Engels): Founded in 1950 and organised by the Chicago Athenaeum Museum of Architecture, Design and Metropolitan Art, the GOOD DESIGN AWARD is the world's oldest and most prestigious awards program recognising the ability of designers and manufacturers to move beyond traditional product and design standards in their creation of innovative and original concepts. Apple, BMW, Coca Cola, Nestlè and Nokia Corporation are just a few of the leading international names which have received this prestigious award; Snaidero is now amongst them. The judging panel, consisting of architects and global design experts, chose the Way kitchen as their winner after considering hundreds of entries and over 500 designs from all over the world. For Snaidero, multiple prize winner and leader in the production of Italian-made kitchens, this is the ninth model to have received this prestigious award since 1996, after Ola, Idea, Venus and Acropolis by Pininfarina, Time, Skyline by Lucci and Orlandini, Kube by Giovanni Offredi and Ola20. Way has a pure and clear-cut architectural design, aimed at increasingly knowledgeable customers who want to be more in control of their lifestyle choices. Customers who are attentive and inquisitive in their search for a clean, refined and stylish product of tangible quality in terms of materials and solutions. A clean design is supported by wide-ranging TECHNOLOGY AND RESEARCH, especially when it comes to materials and surfaces. In fact, Way combines smoked oak wood, a heat-treated finish producing the refined natural colour variations of smoked wood, with the exclusive micalized lacquer treatment inspired by the car industry, which offers a wonderfully bright and reflective yet subtle effect. Innovation also plays a part in the home solutions offered by Way: Snaidero has patented a glass extractor hood which utilises groundbreaking controlled bipolar ionisation technology, purifying and sanitising the air in the kitchen to improve the well-being of everyone living and working in the domestic environment. Good Design 2012 further confirms the spirit of innovation running throughout the company, which even ploughed on when faced with the global economic crisis, a factor which actually fortified the Snaidero strategy aimed at and committed to researching new solutions for improving quality of life in the kitchen

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