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vrijdag 10 januari 2014

Good design award voor de Snaidero Board

Jaarlijks wordt door het Chicago Athenaeum Museum of Architecture de "Good Design Award" uitgereikt. Dit jaar heeft Snaidero deze prijs gewonnen voor het model Board. Snaidero heeft deze prijs al vaker gekregen trouwens. Zie hier onder het officiele persbericht.


Snaidero's Board kitchen secures the Good Design Award 2013, the most famous, most prestigious award given by the Chicago Athenaeum Museum of Architecture.

Created in 1950, the Good Design Award is the international award assigned to cutting-edge industrial design products. It is organised by the Chicago Athenaeum - Architecture and Design Museum in collaboration with the European Centre for Architecture, Art, Design and Urban Studies. Objective: each year to reward objects, structures and ideas "to be touched" that are able to change the world.

Of the more than 700 projects submitted by 38 different countries, the Board kitchen was chosen by a panel of international experts that evaluated the form, materials, function and utility, rewarding the innovative design and aesthetics. For Snaidero, this is the tenth model to have received this prestigious prize since 1996, after Ola and Ola20, Idea, Venus and Acropolis by Pininfarina, Time, Skyline by Lucci and Orlandini, Kube by Giovanni Offredi and Way in 2012.

The innovative design concept of the Board kitchen is based on a revision of the work areas. Snaidero's new approach aims to fully enhance functionality and comfort, while creating a lighter aesthetic and structural impact through a sober yet dynamic design that blends into the surrounding environment.

The result is an operating unit perfectly equipped for preparing food, cooking and washing. It is entirely suspended thanks to a self-supporting structure allowing it to unfold from the storage area, so that the user can enjoy complete freedom of movement.

This important recognition provides Snaidero with confirmation of the validity of its design research, focused on more accessible solutions that are easier to design, customise and inhabit. All this summed up by a great aesthetic, emotional and functional simplicity, capable of restoring the domestic environment to its core values.

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