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Rudy`s blog over Italiaanse Design Keukens e.d.
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donderdag 10 maart 2016


A wide spectrum of products and brand experience: this is what Snaidero has up its sleeve this year for Eurocucina 2016 (the big international fair in Milan)

In 2016 Snaidero will be celebrating its 70th birthday and marking this historical event by taking its mission one step further. As an exclusive manufacturer of fitted kitchens, Snaidero is all too aware of the importance of casting its product net out in order to cater for a wide range of consumer tastes whilst staying safely anchored in its core harbour of authenticity, quality and distinctive design.

Today more than ever, the market is in constant evolution. Snaidero has always had its ear to the ground and this year it will be taking part in Eurocucina with a wide spectrum of designs conceived to anticipate the needs of a multitude of targets, but especially ready for immediate sale.

Snaidero's new world is threefold: ICONA, SISTEMA and EVERYONE.

Our ICONA collection, in which Snaidero oozes its essence in a unique and unparalleled design, includes our signature projects: kitchens with a distinctive design and an iconic look. Four brand new models will be featuring at Eurocucina 2016 as part of this collection: the brain power behind one concept comes from our traditional partnership with the legendary Design House Pininfarina whilst the other three were designed in conjunction with the famous Italian architect Massimo Iosa Ghini.

One distinguishing feature of Snaidero's SISTEMA collection is an assortment of kitchen models specially designed for customers seeking customised and practical solutions: balance and sound sense lie at the heart of this collection which helps to create unforgettable kitchens by offering models with a wide range of materials and solutions. Three models will be featuring at Eurocucina: Look, Opera and Way. Each one is endowed with its own quite distinct personality and stems from these three design visions: curved profile, handle and flat profile. All three have benefited from the inclusion of highly innovational materials. The one common thread running through these three highly individual models is the incredible ease with which units can be fitted together in different ways and the wide range of materials used, meaning they are consumer-friendly and reach out to multiple tastes and pockets

Snaidero's EVERYONE collection encapsulates our new versatility and is particularly aimed at young homeowners by offering excellent value for money and solutions which break the design barriers and free up kitchen space. Our new First model from this collection will be making its début at Eurocucina in an utterly innovative setting conceived for a young first-time buyer.

To make space for the new Snaidero collection we have to replace kitchens we have on display now.

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