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vrijdag 13 mei 2022

Langere levertijd

Vandaag is de Snaidero keuken van project 1054 bezorgd in Tiel. Dit is voor een klant die al vaker een keuken bij me heeft gekocht.

Deze klant heeft gekozen voor een hoge kasten wand in wit hoogglans lak en een eiland in houtkleur Rovere Jazz (textured melamine). Textured melamine deuren hebben als voordeel:

- Degelijk (eigenlijk soort onverwoestbaar)
- Prijs is zeer interessant
- Levertijd is snel

Over levertijd gesproken; de levertijd voor keukens is iets langer als vroeger. Heb er net een mailing van gekregen van Snaidero. Ik heb hem hier onder ingesloten.

Dear Partner,
due to the increasing difficulties related to the raw materials sourcing as well as to the performances of our production partners, we have, of necessity, to act on the Delivery Lead Time in order to avoid a recurrence of delays on your welcome orders.
The goal we intend to achieve is to provide you with an improved service compared to what happened recently, when we suffered ourselves an unpredictable juncture.
It has been therefore concluded that 15 days need to be added to the Delivery Lead Time of all models, with the exception of Textured Melamine finishes.
We remind you that, in case a kitchen in Textured Melamine finish includes even just one item in a different finish/material, the latter will determine the Delivery Lead Time.
Please try to avoid sending “split” orders, namely one for Textured finishes and a separate one for the longer-delay-finishes: having miscellaneous items in production may generate a higher complexity and riskiness upon delivery, especially in this major workload period.
The new Delivery Lead Time is effective immediately and will be applied to all the orders which have not been confirmed for production yet.
Finally, it follows that, as of next week, some orders may already be expected to be delivered in September. Unfortunately, due to the binding situation which has forced us to the above new terms, we cannot grant any earlier or urgent delivery.

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