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zaterdag 20 februari 2016

History of Snaidero; part 5 (Skyline lab)

Below the 5th blogpost about the history of Snaidero. Click here for the first post.


In 2000, following the internationalisation policies adopted in the 1970s and '80s and the acquisition of other industrial businesses during the '90s, the “Snaidero Group” was born. The new Group's aptly chosen motto was “many diversities, a single large group”. The Group then looked at the international markets from the position of an industry leader, competing at all levels: in terms of finances, sales and design. It was exactly in these last two aspects, i.e. in the context of the most advanced new innovations brought forward by the international debate surrounding new architectural and industrial design paradigms, that the Group decided to innovate. Once again finding its cultural roots and entrepreneurial raison d'être in innovation.

Universal Design is a modern design methodology that aims to create environments which are universally accessible to all types of people, whether or not they have disabilities. Its ideal principles enhance the concept of human diversity, social inclusion and equal opportunities, providing solutions that are as easy to use and interact with and as flexible as possible.

And in this new context Snaidero was once again ready for the new cultural changes and technical challenges, making them its own. In 2002 the “Skyline_lab” project was created, which Snaidero assigned to two great architects and long-term collaborators Lucci and Orlandini. The project had the ambitious aim of going even further towards the specific requests of the customer base. And at the same to provide a useful service and support for disabled people and their families in the spirit of “Design for all”. An improvement in the level of autonomy and safety for disabled people in their home environment is reflected positively in their quality of life and that of their family members, who no longer need to provide assistance. This was the firm conviction that guided the Company's decision.

The project was built up around an extensive initial study. The needs of people with many different kinds of disabilities and motor problems were carefully studied and analysed on an experimental level. This is how, in the field, working directly with the beneficiaries of our efforts, we were able to identify the best solutions to provide a simpler, more comfortable and more effective way of interacting with the kitchen environment for all users. This is of course also fully in line with the design statement of intent to provide improved autonomy and safety. For example, by providing storage surfaces and building-in domestic appliances so that they are both always easily accessible.

The “Skyline_lab” represents a particularly flexible program, able to adapt to anyone's needs, by using diversified solutions. For example, pull-out shelves, useful for easily interacting with objects, or worktops made to measure for the person and not just made to measure for the space. Many of these needs are in fact common to most kitchen users, regardless of their physical condition or age. That which can be useful and essential for an old or disabled person, can and must therefore also be useful for everyone else.

Convinced of this idea, with “Skyline_lab” Snaidero decided to start a truly innovative kitchen project firmly rooted in the principles of “Design for all”. In other words the principles of a modern design and manufacturing process able to provide a relationship with its users that is both universal and personal at the same time.

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