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vrijdag 20 november 2015

Zeeuwse bolus recipe

Een poos terug had ik de video op het blog gezet over de Zeeuwse bolus.

Via m`n Facebook had Joanna gevraagd of ze het recept ook in het Engels mocht hebben. Nou het heeft even geduurd (sorry), maar hier is het dan:

Zeeuwse Bolus Recipe


For making the dough:
500 g all purpose flour
15g caster sugar
1/2 egg
10 g salt
50 g fresh yeast
215 ml lukewarm water
50 ml full cream milk
25g butter

For sugar mixture:
250g dark brown sugar
4 tbsp cinnamon powder


1. Preheat the oven to 225 ºC.

2. Make a mountain of flour in the centre of a work surface together with some salt.
Hollow out a well in the middle. Have a pastry scraper handy. Add the fresh yeast (or dry yeast will also do) and sugar into the well.
Dissolve the yeast by pouring in the lukewarm water, milk and the egg. With a fork, mix them well together.
Now start incorporating shallow scrapings of the flour from the walls of the well into the liquid. And start kneading the dough until smooth, slightly sticky and elastic.

Note: You can also use a food processor by add in all the ingredients except the butter, and knead for 6 minutes. And at the last 4 minutes, add in the butter.

3. Divide the dough into balls of 80 grams and let rest and cover in a warm place for at least about 20 minutes.

4. Mix the brown sugar with the cinnamon powder on your bench/ worktop. Roll the dough pieces through the sugar/cinnamon and form each roll into a shell (like a snails).

5. Place the boluses on a baking sheet with parchment paper, pour over them the remaining sugar and cinnamon. Let the boluses rest for about 5 minutes, and bake them for 7 minutes.

6. Allow them to cool but not dry out, and serve.

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